Having a mental illness can really bring the bitch out in you…

So I flipped out on my boyfriend.  The man who loves me so much that he would give his last dollar for me, he would walk a mile for me, he would buy me the world.  And I flipped out on him, not only did I flip out, I probably scared the shit out of him in the process.

And what did it get me?  I don’t know.  I hope he won’t stop loving me because of this.  And the sad thing is I would deserve it.

Don’t stop loving me William.  Despite what I say, I love you.  It won’t always be like this you know.  We are living at the bottom, the only way now is up. IF we can get through this time, we can get through anything .  Don’t give up on me and I won’t give up on you.

My heart hurts when i get angry at you, because I don’t want to be.  My head hurts, when my words are mean, because I would rather be telling you how much I love you how much i adore you how much i don’t ever want to be without you …ever.  You are my destiny, my sweetheart, my lover, my love, my best friend, my friend, my helper, my soulmate, and everything in between.

I love you william black no matter what happens i will be by your side til the end of time.  Thank you for being who you are and never compromising on you.  You are my inspiration to who I want to become.  You complete me and make me whole.  You rescued me, and you never let me fall.  You lift me up beneath my wings and help me fly.  I LOVE YOU.


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