More memorial day musings

We are supposedly the United States the home of the free and that land of the brave was it to reverse the land of the free and the home of the brave something like that regardless there are many opportunities here in the United States and there are many freedoms that we take for granted every day
Imagine just for one second if we don’t longer are these freedoms well with our lives be like
Every day would be hell
That about sums it up
Why do we have these freedoms today
The men and women who fought in wars to protect us and they keep our freedoms we need to remember them this weekend and on the rest of the year as well
We also need to remember those who are fighting for us right now fighting for our freedom of religion fighting for our freedom of sexual preference fighting for our freedom for education and to work and to make money and I have a family
Again happy memorial day and never forget what you already have.


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