I am madly in love.

Life is really tough these days just to get by and my boyfriends love is what’s helping me keep myself together despite the fact that my life has been endanger several times in the past month I love you so much William!


Having a mental illness can really bring the bitch out in you…

So I flipped out on my boyfriend.  The man who loves me so much that he would give his last dollar for me, he would walk a mile for me, he would buy me the world.  And I flipped out on him, not only did I flip out, I probably scared the shit out of him in the process.

And what did it get me?  I don’t know.  I hope he won’t stop loving me because of this.  And the sad thing is I would deserve it.

Don’t stop loving me William.  Despite what I say, I love you.  It won’t always be like this you know.  We are living at the bottom, the only way now is up. IF we can get through this time, we can get through anything .  Don’t give up on me and I won’t give up on you.

My heart hurts when i get angry at you, because I don’t want to be.  My head hurts, when my words are mean, because I would rather be telling you how much I love you how much i adore you how much i don’t ever want to be without you …ever.  You are my destiny, my sweetheart, my lover, my love, my best friend, my friend, my helper, my soulmate, and everything in between.

I love you william black no matter what happens i will be by your side til the end of time.  Thank you for being who you are and never compromising on you.  You are my inspiration to who I want to become.  You complete me and make me whole.  You rescued me, and you never let me fall.  You lift me up beneath my wings and help me fly.  I LOVE YOU.

A lot on my mind

There’s a lot on my mind right now
I don’t know why things much fiscal pain lately it’s becoming hard to do anything anymore I constantly need rest and relaxation I am hardly getting any work done which is understandable though because I’ve been so sick once I start taking my invega again and feel better I should be able to get back to a regular schedule so let’s just say I’m taking a vacation right now

More memorial day musings

We are supposedly the United States the home of the free and that land of the brave was it to reverse the land of the free and the home of the brave something like that regardless there are many opportunities here in the United States and there are many freedoms that we take for granted every day
Imagine just for one second if we don’t longer are these freedoms well with our lives be like
Every day would be hell
That about sums it up
Why do we have these freedoms today
The men and women who fought in wars to protect us and they keep our freedoms we need to remember them this weekend and on the rest of the year as well
We also need to remember those who are fighting for us right now fighting for our freedom of religion fighting for our freedom of sexual preference fighting for our freedom for education and to work and to make money and I have a family
Again happy memorial day and never forget what you already have.

Feeling better

G where to begin?

I’m still in pain but it’s a lot less it’s more manageable

I’m having a really good day and I know this weekend is going to be good to
It’s a special holiday weekend where we celebrate those who died for us in war they gave their lives so that we could have our freedom and that so that we could live

In exchange for that we can be the best people that we can possibly be and be a living testimony to what they did and what freedom means to everybody including ourselves

May God bless all of you on this holiday weekend and remember every moment is another chance

This is not the end this is the beginning
We are beginning a new era of peace love and happiness
Don’t let our fallen Warriors down
Be victorious in your life
Make them proud!

You said the sky was the limit, now we're in outer space…